2016 Thanksgiving Box Initiative

Thanks to the generous donations from Fountain City Wesleyan Church and The Well Richmond, CIS Wayne County was able to provide Thanksgiving meals to 171 Wayne County families! Here’s a story showing the impact these boxes have on our families:

“One of my families was overly excited to receive a Thanksgiving box and voucher. The mother works extremely hard to take care of her 3 boys. She was very thankful to receive this help at a difficult time of the year. She said this was a blessing sent from above! Her 3 boys were so excited that they would be able to help their mom cook Thanksgiving dinner. They explained to me that they had been wanting to help her, but they were not sure how they would be able to get everything they needed. This family walked away from me very happy and grateful!”

-CIS Site Coordinator

2016 Annual Dinner

The 2016 Annual Dinner was a huge success for CIS Wayne County! Thanks to the generous support from community partners and organizations, CIS was able to raise $11,259! Just a few pictures are shown below. Click here to view the full album.

Tools for Schools // Stuff the Bus 2016

This year CIS Wayne County was able to raise over 10,000 items to distribute to students in need! The drive was made successful through the partnership of community organizations and support from the Wayne County community. Thanks to all who gave of their time and resources to help the cause. Special thanks to the Keystone Club from Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County for helping with our ‘Stuff the Bus’ event. Also, thank you to Walmart of Richmond, Indiana for allowing us to hold our event in the parking lot!

Finding the Right Resources

“There is a family with 2 daughters who both attend Dennis Intermediate School. Mandy is in 5th grade and Katie in 7th. Early in the school year, these two girls were constantly in the nurse’s office getting checked for lice. Mandy let it slip that they ‘had no lights’ so it was hard for mom to see and check their heads. The School Resource Officer and I did a home visit, and I let the father know that there were many resources Communities In Schools could provide. Once the family was made aware of the resources, they took full advantage. Today, both parents have jobs, the lights are back on, and the girls are lice free. The girls are now able to dedicate much more of their time and attention to their education.”


-Leigh’Andra Moore, Dennis Intermediate School Site Coordinator

A ‘Complete Turnaround’

“I began working with a student from the first day of school at Richmond High School. I knew he was going to be a challenge from the very first interaction. He was likable and I shared many interests with him, so we got along well. However, I could tell he was very defiant when it came to authority. Within the first few weeks of school he was already failing many of his classes and was consistently tardy. I began working with his teachers as well as meeting with him on a daily basis. Things seemed to be getting worse instead of better, but I continued to meet with him and work on his behavior and attitude. Today, I met with his first period teacher who was more than thrilled with what she described as a ‘complete turnaround’ in his attitude. She said he was much more engaged in class and much less defiant. She also said he has been much more respectful to both her and his fellow classmates.”


-Josh Melfe, Richmond High School Site Coordinator

New Shoes Bring Happiness to a Student in Need

“Lucy was in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. She came to me and asked if I could help! I told Lucy yes I would love to get you some shoes, I will just need to order them and it could take up to a few weeks to come in. From then on, Lucy asked me daily if her shoes were in. About a week in a half later Lucy’s shoes had arrived. The smile on Lucy’s face was priceless when I pulled her out of class to go try on her new shoes. She loved them and they were her favorite color, PINK! Lucy wears her new shoes every day. She couldn’t be happier about them. She has bragged to her friends and everyone around about her awesome new PINK shoes. It is the little things that people take for granted that put a smile on this little girls face. Basic needs are an issue in our schools and Communities In Schools along with Wolverine Worldwide make these students and families’ lives a little easier!”

-Jenny Carr, Crestdale Elementary School Site Coordinator

A Homeless Family Finds Help

It was nearing Christmastime when “Charlie” and her family were evicted from their home with no place to stay.  Fortunately, a family member invited them to temporarily share their home.  Unfortunately, this home was out of the Crestdale school district where “Charlie” attended.

Communities in Schools (CIS) Site Coordinator Jenny Carr stepped in to help.  “I worked with “Charlie’s” mother to ensure transportation to and from school each day,” Jenny said.  “This mother was overwhelmed by her situation and extremely grateful for the help.”

Jenny continued to check in with “Charlie’s” family over the next few weeks.  Soon they were on their way to a new home in a nearby apartment.  Knowing they had limited funds, Jenny wanted to do something more, so she added their names to the list of families Crestdale would “adopt” for Christmas.  “We organized a spirit week and invited students and teachers to dress for theme days and to donate to the cause,” said Jenny.  “The money was divided to provide gifts for four families.”

After Christmas break, “Charlie” sat down for lunch with Jenny.  She couldn’t wait to tell her all about her wonderful Christmas and the presents she had received, including new clothes and makeup.

Studies show students who have their basic needs met, are better prepared to learn and succeed in school.  Every day, CIS becomes an advocate for students in need and connects them with necessary resources for their physical and emotional well-being.  Every day, CIS is making a difference Wayne County.