Starr Elementary School

Nancy Young
Starr Elementary School Site Coordinator
Office: 765-973-3426
Fax: 765-973-3711

A New Look

When Elizabeth Starr Academy second-grader “Emily” kept getting headaches from holding books and papers too close, signing her up with Sight for Students was the obvious solution. The only problem was, her parents worked and couldn’t get Emily to her scheduled eye appointment. So Elizabeth Starr’s CIS coordinator picked Emily up at home, took her to Owens Optometry, reassured her when she seemed afraid of the equipment, and helped her pick out bright pink frames with flowers on them. The finished pair of glasses took less than a week to arrive but the wait was excruciating! Emily stopped into the CIS office every day of that week. Thanks to Owens Optometry, Emily has a new pair of glasses and no more headaches!